Lazy Day Tips!

We all have them. Those lazy days where you don’t feel like doing much of anything or are in a hurry to get to work or an appointment. I’ve compiled a short list of tips for those lazy days!

  1. Use a light moisturizer. This will help eliminate dry spots resulting in a brighter and more healthy looking complexion.
  2. Dab on a little concealer under the eyes and on problem areas.
  3. Apply powder alone. I know it’s scary if you’re used to using both liquid foundation and a powder, but be brave! Use a little more powder on your forehead and cheeks.
  4. Apply a peachy colored blush and a bronzer to give a nice glow. This too will help brighten your complexion.
  5. Throw on a coat or two of mascara and some tinted lip balm and you are ready to go!

I know the holidays are busy for everyone! I have been using this lazy day routine quite a bit over the holidays! I hope these tips help you!

I would love to hear from you. What is your lazy day beauty routine?

Thanks! Happy Holidays!


Makeup Review! – Ready Set Gorgeous!

I recently purchased CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous liquid foundation, as well as the powder foundation. I loved it!


I love to try new things and I am definitely happy I tried this foundation. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if this makeup is right for you!


  • Good Coverage! It gives light to medium coverage depending on how you apply it.
  • Lightweight feel. This foundation does not feel heavy on your face or get cakey!
  • Lasts all day. I’m pretty picky about the lasting power of my foundation, and I was pleasantly surprised with this one.
  • You can wear this WITHOUT powder. I do recommend at the very least dusting a powder on your face to help with shine, but this works good enough all by itself!


  • I wish there was a shade a little bit closer to my natural skin tone. Don’t get me wrong, this shade matches well, but I have to be careful when I’m applying the foundation and powder together to achieve a medium coverage. It runs just a little bit dark. I bought the creamy natural this time, but will probably go a little lighter the next.

This foundation is great! It’s inexpensive, gives good coverage, and lasts. I recommend it!

Powder Foundation

I love this powder! I use it over my foundation to provide extra coverage, but it gives enough coverage for a ‘natural’ day to use alone!


  • Lightweight and Blendable
  • Good Coverage
  • Can Wear Alone. (Apply moisturizer first. It blends more easily if you do!)
  • Lasts a decent amount of time. As long as you don’t touch your face throughout the day, this will last all day with just a few minor touch ups.


  • I do wish the powder foundation could last just a little bit longer, but I think I’m living in a dream world!
  • I would love it more if it had a little more coverage. The coverage is really good as is, but it would make it the best if it had slightly more!

This is a great and inexpensive powder and/or foundation. I definitely recommend it!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with this foundation! Have you tried it? Did you like it? Hate it? Would you buy it again?

Top 10 Skin Care and Make-up Tips For Winter

Winter is here! I absolutely love watching the snow and sipping my coffee…and by sipping, I mean chugging the whole pot. Yes, I love my coffee. And winter. When winter arrives, it’s also a great reminder to change-up your skin care and make-up routine and products to protect your skin as much as possible. I have comprised a list of what I believe to be the best make-up tips for winter.

1.  MOISTURIZE. Your skin will naturally become dry during this time of year, so use a light moisturizer (or heavy depending on your level of dryness) at night and under your make-up in the morning. Your make-up will go on smoothly and you won’t get those flakes around your dryer areas, which can make the process of applying foundation a nightmare.

2. I have normal/combination skin. If you have oily skin or dry patches, don’t be afraid to exfoliate (follow with a moisturizer). It will help to get the dry skin off of your face. I personally recommend St. Ives Blemish Control face wash. It helps my occasional breakouts and isn’t too harsh on my skin. If you are sensitive to an exfoliant, I would recommend using a cream cleanser like Noxema.

3.  Even though winter is here, using less foundation is still ok! A light layer of a good foundation will go a long way. Loreal’s True Match is amazing and it has an SPF. Coverage is light to medium, but buildable, and the only foundation I’ve found that matches my skin perfectly. Also, it doesn’t cause breakouts…so that’s great!

4.  A good powder is a must. I use Loreal’s True Match powder as well. It blends very well and helps with the coverage. Typically, if I use a light layer of foundation, I use a little more powder to achieve the amount of coverage I need. Plus, it helps to set your foundation and gives a good base for color.

5.  Don’t be afraid of COLOR!!! Now is the perfect time to try out those reds that have been sitting in your cosmetics case! Red lips never hurt anyone! Deep browns/blues for the eyes. I do recommend if you are going for a bold look on the lips, go neutral on the eyes. Gold, silver, white, etc. You don’t want to overdo it!

6.  Take care of those chapped lips. Chapstick works great, but it’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips too! Mary Kay has an awesome satin lips set that I’m sure anyone would fall in love with.

7.  Be bold with the eyes. I love the sultry look on eyes. Deep browns and navy blues, and sparkling charcoal add a little extra oomph for the eyes! Just like I recommended with the lips…if you are going with a bold eye, do a nude-ish lip color.

8.  Stay hydrated. Your skin (and your body) will thank you for it. Plain ‘ol water does the body good.

9.  Take your make-up off EVERY night. Use a good eye makeup remover first. I actually found an inexpensive one that I adore. It is the family dollar version of Neutrogena’s eye makeup remover. It is amazing and takes off every last stitch of mascara…AND is super gentle. Use your face wash of choice and follow it up with a moisturizer. Have I emphasized enough how important a moisturizer is this time of year?

10.  Eat healthy foods. Just do it. What we eat can affect how our skin looks, which ultimately is the base for our makeup altogether. I know with Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners coming up, it will be hard; but try out some healthy options. You won’t be sorry!

I hope these tips help you make it through winter! I’d love to hear from you…things you’ve tried and what worked or didn’t! Stay warm and keep you and your skin healthy!